epido METHOD

epido agile project is a method developed by e-dox based upon our 18 years of experience, influenced by the agile approaches and packed as a project with a very clear objective: Unleash companies real potential.

With our 4-Phase Framework, we embark a journey with you...

Each phase is specifically designed to achieve a set of objectives and overcome your hurdles.

Bottleneck Analysis

Our Phase 1, helps identify & deconstruct the impediments in your current knowledge flow and work processes​


With Phase 2, we enable you to connect your employees with the prototype vision and educate them on how to reach the vision​.


Phase 3, focuses on testing the developed prototype by applying learned concepts and practicing agile methods​…


Phase 4, enables you to realize the concept and
integrate it for the
entire organization ​

After completing all the phases, you see a stream of
Value- Added Benefits!

1 / 3

✔ Help you focus on goals​
✔ Meet customer requirements

2 / 3

✔ Achieve higher productivity​
✔ Better employee retention​
✔ Attractive employer both internally and externally

3 / 3

✔ Consistent and transparent communication​
✔ Process efficiency ​
✔ Higher flexibility to adapt to changes​
✔ Opportunity to scale agile

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